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  1. OmBrArch

    it's ok see you then

    it's ok see you then
  2. OmBrArch

    BW BW OU Global Championship 2024 - Round 1 (Accepting subs)

    won vs ImposterOCE, first set
  3. OmBrArch

    bw gc, when are you available ? (i'm +2)

    bw gc, when are you available ? (i'm +2)
  4. OmBrArch

    Tournament ADPL Week 2

    Zok won, ggs
  5. OmBrArch

    Tournament ADPL Week 2

    won gg
  6. OmBrArch

    Tournaments France vs The World - Signups

    Player Name: OmBrArch Region: France Formats played: OU / ST13 / OU Bo3 if it's added Are you interested in captaining?: No Forseen inactivity: None
  7. OmBrArch

    Tournament ADPL Week 1

    won gg, got my revenge (love u Egor luck was just really annoying recently)
  8. OmBrArch

    Tournaments DPPPL IV - Manager Signups

    confirming, I have some strong basics in dpp ou and I already managed with success outside of smogon, now here for a new step and can't be more motivated !
  9. OmBrArch

    Tournament ADPL Player Signups (CUSTOM AVATAR PRIZE)

    Ombrarch Classic tiers +1, soon + 2 nothing particular
  10. OmBrArch

    Tournaments GSC Invitational Companion Thread

    Since I'm out let's do a bit of content, Gold Losers Bracket Onraider (50) vs. Egor (50) That is a cool pairing, i like them both, the first one as the player the second as a friend. Onraider despite being new to the competitive scene is showing some decent ability and beating chiles last week...
  11. OmBrArch

    Tournament ADPL Manager Signups (CUSTOM AVATAR PRIZE)

    confirming, on my side I'm used to play this kind of teamtournament (former ADPL included) and I already managed with success (won the whole tour) on my first try as manager.
  12. OmBrArch

    Tournaments ADVPL IV - Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize] [Auction March 31st @ 2pm -4]

    OmBrArch +1, soon + 2 OU / Bo3 OU / All N/A